Bucks Music Group’s first ever LIVE Showcase evening, Limelight was held on February 25th to a cracking turn out at Peter Parker’s Rock n Roll Club.

Sean Redmond kicked things off with an acoustic set before being joined on stage by his band to bring it all together, some tracks performed by Redmond included ‘Love Is Over Rated’ and ‘Shooting Stars’, the latter of which was recently featured on the advert for Apple’s ‘iPad’!. Then it was time for another drink as Black Daniel geared up to bring the house down! As they took to the stage, in the classic Black Daniel attire, the crowds moved in and the carnage began, Black Daniel featured classic tracks such as ‘I Love you but Don’t Touch Me cos You’re Sick’ and ‘Look Away Sancho’.

The night closed with great success and the question arose ‘when’s the next one?!’ Well we can confirm that the next Limelight night will be held in May at the Peter Parker Rock n Roll club with the exact date and line-up to be confirmed. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open as Limelight is only going to get larger and louder!

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