Newly signed to Vacilando ’68 Publishing Co., The Singing Loins are Chris Broderick on vocals, Chris ‘Arfur’ Allen on guitar and Rob Shepherd on banjo, mandolin & accordion, with John Forrester on occasional stand-up bass. Brod & Arfur started The Loins as a raw, stripped down acoustic duo in 1990 and soon had Medway legend Billy Childish in their corner. He recorded their first two albums live in his bathroom onto a mono Revox tape machine and released them on his Hangman label. These savage rarities are now swapping hands for big dollars on EBay and are often quoted as major influences by young purveyors of punk/folk.

After a couple more self-released albums and an album with Billy Childish on Damaged Goods, they split in 1999, but after a 6 year lay-off they shook hands and returned in 2005 with a triumphant comeback album, ‘Songs To Hear Before You Die’, featuring the one day classic “House In The Woods”. In that same year were joined by Rob Shepherd, who played junk shop banjo and mandolin on their 2007 album, ’The Drowned Man Resuscitator’, and that line-up has remained intact for their most recent album, 2009’s ‘Unravelling England’, on which The Loins offered up another dozen short stories from the end of old England’s pier — songs of underdogs, suicides, circus freaks, the bereaved, frustrated and heart-broken, the washed up and mentally ill. The jealousies, violence, hypocrisy and religion of humanity.…Authentic raw folk from the Medway Delta, indeed.

Their new album ‘Stuff’ will be released by Damaged Goods this coming Autumn.

Watch “Please Take My Scissors Away” by The Singing Loins on YouTube:


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