Susie Hug brings a little autumnal warmth to Bucks Music with her Calexico backed album ‘Tucson Moonshine’.….

Having worked with Nick Lowe and Ian Broudie whilst fronting Sire Recordings artists The Katydids, and subsequently collaborating with The Blue Aeroplanes, Fatima Mansions and Travis it seems from the reviews that Susie has reached new heights with her most recent album ‘Tucson Moonshine’ recorded in Arizona with Calexico. This is a fearless record, Susie’s tough n’ tender lyrics, and breezey tunes perfectly augmented by that fine musical patina for which Calexico are famed, and coated with the skills of Richmond Fontaine/Marc Ribot producer of choice J D Foster.

Born in Tokyo, and following an upbringing in San Diego, resident in London since the late eighties…‘Tucson Moonshine’ provided something of a homecoming for Susie, as she tapped into the sun-baked, saguaro-ringed, languid atmosphere of downtown Tucson, the album itself offers a widescreen assortment of ideas and images, and whilst Calexico inevitably bring that trademark South Western mood to grace proceedings, there’s also a twist of West Coast pop sensibility running deep throughout, beautifully brought to the surface in a string of strong choruses by Susie’s sultry voice, whilst Joey Burns’ (Calexico) vocals are used sparingly but to great effect.

Susie signed up with Vacilando ’68 Publishing Co. having put the album out through their label imprint in the summer of 2010.

Selected reviews for Tucson Sunshine

  • “(the album) is shot through with Calexico’s signature frontier mood, Hug’s sultry vocals are a good fit with the laidback Arizona sound” — The List
  • “one of the most affecting yet catchy collection of songs released so far this year” — Penny Black Music
  • “as the richness of ‘Tucson Moonshine’ unfolds with each song, it’s clear this is an album that stands apart as the most entrancing work that Hug has ever done” — Exclaim!
  • “…Prison Of Your Heart” is the instant classic, arcs of pedal steel gilding a cautiously questing vocal” — The Sunday Times
  • “Calexico’s involvement provides a perfect sonic backdrop to the singer’s words, but it’s Susie herself that wins us over with a beautiful voice and the passionate imagery of a master storyteller” — Record Collector

(photo by Anton Corbijn)

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