Deerhoof are the latest signing to Powis Music (via their deal with Terrorbird). The San-Francisco based band release their 11th album in their 16 year career and have been getting great reviews for “Deerhoof vs Evil”.  First single “Qui Dorm, Nomes Somia” was named in the top 10 essential downloads for Feb 2011 by Q magazine who said the album was “like the Flaming Lips with a bus to catch”.   If you are unfamiliar with them then the following reviews should give you some idea of what they are about.

Uncut said they are “the weirdest sounding rock foursome anywhere” and “coming close to knocking The Flaming Lips off their exalted perch

The Fly — “in the bonkers tropical paradise between Animal Collective and Nouvelle Vague

Record Collector — “This side of the Atlantic only Stereolab and Radiohead can quite match them

Narc — “Like a Tsunami of lego bricks

They also get a cover feature in The Wire who write a 9 page article about the band.  Check them out — they’re brilliant and nuts!

Click the link to buy Deerhoof’s new album “Deerhoof vs. Evil” from iTunes: Deerhoof vs. Evil — Deerhoof

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