Sheridan Tongue, composer of the music for the WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE series, backs Professor Brian Cox’s viewpoint that the BBC got the volume right on the first episode.

Sheridan said ‘The level of music in TV and film is such a personal decision —  I’m just happy that so many people are listening to my music and have been overwhelmed by the amount ofsupport I’ve received from members of the public and of course Brian Cox himself. It is a privilege to work on such an amazing show and we are currently planning to perform the music ina live show with a full orchestra. Wonders of the Universe is a show that I am incredibly proud of and I have spent about two years of my life working with great musicians on the soundtrack’.

Sarah Liversedge, Managing Director of BDi Music, the music publisher of the epic Wonders music added: ‘We were very disappointed to discover that the music volume was turned down. Sheridan has spent painstaking hours writing this wonderful score. We have received nothing but positive feedback from thousands of viewers asking where they can buy the music from the series. We contacted Cube Soundtracks who jumped at the opportunity to release the music as there was such high demand for orders’.

Professor Brian Cox quotes “We can sometimes be too responsive to the minority of people that complain.” He added: “It should be a cinematic experience — it’s a piece of film on television, not a lecture.”

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Wonders of the Universe Original Television Soundtrack by Sheridan Tongue is available now for download via the Film and TV Themes website ( and from iTunes (Wonders of the Universe (Original Television Soundtrack) — Sheridan Tongue)

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