When Canadian Astronaut Commander, Chris Hadfield, contacted Bucks’ MD Simon Platz to clear a usage, the communication wasn’t a standard office to office e-mail chain.

Hadfield sent the request via satellite, during his five-month stay on the International Space Station.
He was granted permission to produce a cover version of Bowies ‘Space Oddity’, which is now believed to be, the first ever music video filmed in space.

Hadfield has built up quite a following during his experience in Space, posting amazing photographs of the world and beyond from different perspectives and sharing the details of his “Space Breakfasts”.
The video, made available on youtube via Hadfield’s twitter account, has already been viewed over half a million times.
Even Bowie himself showed his appreciation of the cover version, tweeting: CHRIS HADFIELD SINGS SPACE ODDITY IN SPACE! “Hallo Spaceboy…”

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