Bucks Music Group have partnered up with music development charity, Urban Development, to sign a WW publishing deal with UK’s critically acclaimed Grime and Hip Hop artist Devlin. ‎With Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Jessie J and Emilie Sande collaborations under his belt, Devlin is now working towards bringing out a third album in 2015 as well as looking to embark on a new adventure into the acting world following the success of his debut film, ‘Anti-Social’, directed by Reg Travis. Director of Urban Development, Pamela McCormick commented, ‘‘We are excited about supporting Devlin with the next stage of his journey.  We are fans, recognising, on the one hand, his commercial appeal and loyal fan base and, on the other, the authenticity and power of his narrative.  Our job is to help him to make the album he wants to make and to secure the right commercial partnerships to get it out there.” Sarah Liversedge, Director A&R at Bucks commented ‘UK Hip hop is a very difficult market to manouevre in at the moment but, we believe the strength of James’ artistry and the creative depth and power of his lyrics and music will rise him above the parapet’.




From left to right:

Harri Davies [A&R Manager/Bucks] / Jonathan Tester [Head of Sync/Bucks] / Sarah Liversedge Platz [Director A&R/Bucks] / Devlin / Charley Snook [EGA Management] / Pamela McCormick [Director Urban Development] / Victor Omos [EGA Management] / Colin Batsa [EGA Management] / George Ebenezer [A&R Urban Development]

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