The new EP from Samuel Ford is available now on iTunes.

London — which features on the EP — was premiered by Clash Music:


From an early age, Samuel Ford knew he wanted to make music.

Initially playing the cello, the aspiring songwriter picked up the guitar at the age of 15 and simply never looked back.

Scribbling down thoughts, inspirations each and every day, the singer moved out to Austria after completing his studies.

Spending six months living on the continent, the experience seemed to imbue his work with a rare sense of ambition.

Clash were able to air sample track ‘London’. A sensory overload equal to the metropolis itself, the opening guitar lines build and build, hooking themselves around Samuel Ford’s soaring vocals.

Brass rise up beneath his voice, pushing the whole package further and further until it feels like it could break at any second.’.… Read More


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