In the Shadows of Steam [Featuring Bucks’ Erland Cooper] is a stunning new collaboration between 4 acclaimed artists, producers and composers from around the UK. Tracing the lost lines of the railways of Donegal and Northern Ireland, still etched and hidden beneath Irish soil, this specially commissioned work draws on the wonder and memories of a time only now visible now by a track through the hills and country. You can catch them live this Thursday [May 5th] at Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival — Tickets available here

Prior to the rise of the road, the artists explore this unique history and ask who sold the steel that brought many thousands of people to those majestic coastal ways and many more finally to the new world across the ocean?

Erland Cooper is an Orcadian Scottish artist, singer and producer. He is the front man of cult, British band Erland and the Carnival and The Magnetic North.

Hannah Peel is an Irish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger from Northern Ireland and a recent 2013 Royal Television Society award for best original title music for the show Dates.

Michael Keeney is an orchestral arranger, pianist and composer and a recipient of the prestigious BBC Radio3 Composers Award.

Tommy McLaughlin is a composer, guitarist, singer and producer. As composer and producer with bands such as Villagers and more recently SOAK, he has produced several No. 1 Irish albums.

‘In the Shadows of Steam’ is commissioned by Earagail Arts Festival Management Company Limited in partnership with Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival and Celtic Connections and is supported through Beyond Borders.

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