The new album from Malcolm Middleton — Summer Of ’13 — is set to be released on May 27th and is available to pre-order now on iTunes.


Drowned In Sound
‘Malcolm Middleton has been a very busy chap these past few years, but there’s a strong chance much of his fan-base have yet to realise. Human Don’t Be Angry, from 2012, was a timed Record Store Day exclusive; a beautifully put together collection of original instrumentals, skits and maudlin pop which received an equally lovely follow up in 2015 (Electric Blue — Human Don’t Be Angry). Then there’s Music and Words; a collaborative pic’n’mix of hysterical spoken word vignettes written alongside visual artist David Shingly.’… Read More


The Arts Desk
‘There’s been wave after wave of successful acoustic singer-songwriters this century, whimpering so-and-sos from David Gray onwards, through Damien Rice, Newton Faulkner, James Blunt, Ed Sheeran, and on and on and on. Every year sees a new heap of them dumped on the public like bowls of flea eggs. Meanwhile, and here’s the real point, one of the genre’s giants remains relatively unheard. Malcolm Middleton’s dourly humorous, existential albums are studded with gems of heartache, wry gloom and inspired observation. Unfortunately, after five of them, he closed up shop in 2009. Until now’.…Read More


Check out Malcolm’s BBC 6 Session here

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