Bucks’ A&R Manager Harri Davies shared some words at The MPA 2016 AGM last week… M Magazine went along to learn more…


According to Austin Daboh, BBC 1Xtra music manager, grime could grow into a multi-million pound business.

As a champion of new urban music, he’s charted the fortunes of grime since its inception in East London over a decade ago to its headline-grabbing status in 2016 – and he sees potential way beyond the current hype.

It’s for this reason he was invited to join a panel to discuss the future of grime at the Music Publishers’ Association (MPA) Annual General Meeting.

Together with moderator Liz Stokes (Record of the Day editor), Chris Meehan (Sentric Music), Harri Davies (Bucks Music), P Money (artist) and Sian Anderson (SighTracked), he put forward his top tips for record labels, publishers and managers when engaging with grime artists.’


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