Matthew Herbert played at Camden’s Roundhouse on Wednesday 10th August. Check out The Times’ fantastic 4* review:


The experimental musician has created something like music from the sounds of a naked body. It’s a lot to take but the experience is enriching.

For those of us who always wondered what the happenings of the 1960s underground were like, this installation-style event gave us an idea. Inside the Roundhouse, the architect and designer Ron Arad has built a circular curtain of fibre-optic silicon rods on to which films are projected and within which audiences sit, stand or just wander about in confusion.

The first of a series of events inside the silicon curtain involved the DJ and experimental musician Matthew Herbert presenting A Nude, his album created from the sounds of a naked body. Actually, Herbert could not be seen — he was up…’ Read More


Herbert’s latest release ‘A Nude: The Perfect Body’ is available now on iTunes

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