Check out this lovely new article on Rachel Portman, featuring her new release ‘Despite the Falling Snow’:


Rachel Portman is not only a highly proficient music composer, she’s also very good at it. Scoring over 100 soundtracks for internationally known movies, the British composer’s portfolio is simply incredible..


I remember the first time I noticed Portman’s music in a movie. After basically everyone of my friends urged me to finally watch Lasse Halström’s “Chocolat”, I got it on DVD — one of my very first ones back in the day. I was impressed by so many things — the acting, the scenery, the uplifting story, but most of all, the exquisite musical score. Years later, I still love to improvise in Rachel Portman’s style on the piano, and it never fails to take me back to this first acquaintance with this brilliant composer.’ …Read More

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