Dom McAllister has been featured as Clash Music’s Track Of The Day with a remix of his latest single — In Time — by DJ Kutflow.


Dom McAllister has got that effortless sense of soul that makes you wonder how he could ever do anything but sing.

It’s there in every word, that intensity of feeling that veers from soaring highs to crushing lows, all connected with the same wonder at the very essence of life.

New cut ‘In Time’ finds the London talent going deeper and deeper, matching his ineffable voice against a bad of super-soft electronics.

Fellow capital dweller DJ Kutflow has stepped in on remix duties, and this new, skittering, blissed out version perfectly compliments the newcomer’s vocals.

An exploratory re-work, the dank atmospherics are allied to a bright, shimmering light at the end of the tunnel.’… Read More


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