The new album from TOY — Clear Shot — is available now on iTunes via Heavenly.


Clear Shot expands hugely on TOY’s early sound and the result is rather inspiring. This is underground music with little concession to the mainstream, but it is so filled with ideas, from the tempo shifts and Byrds hardmonies of ‘Another Dimension’ to the icy one-note organ solos and pretty guitars in Fast Silver, that invites the listener in nonetheless.”
- The Times ★★★★ 

TOY’s 2012 eponymous debut and 2014 follow-up, ‘Join The Dots’, found them thrillingly aligning the motorick tug of krautrock to postpunk and psychedelia. Here, the primary sources are late-1960s lysergic pop and the swoonsome, shoegazing melodies…It’s another fine effort from a band who are gradually building up an absorbing catalogue.”
- The Guardian ★★★★ 

Fast Silver’ morphs from a brooding verse with cheesy 60s keyboards and swirling atmospherics into a poppy chorus, then back down through bridge passages of strange chords and twists. ‘Clouds That Cover The Sun’ with sweet harmony vocals, also twists itelf into elaborate shapes. Contrast with the relentless synth and bass pulses that give ‘Dream Orchestrator’ a Neu! — like momentum.“ 
- MOJO Magazine ★★★★ 

It’s that sad and lovely narcotic feel that makes the magic work. Eerie, yes, but also very lovely.”
– Art Desk

Rather than relying too heavily on the work of psychedelia’s past masters, Dougall and crew have put a futuristic spin on hallucinatory pop — that is, if the future were something to be viewed with romance and wonder instead of today’s all-too-pervasive doom.” 

Allying psychotropic rock, German prog and decent melodies…” Best of all is ‘Dream Orchestrator,’ an episodic riot of stabbing synths, Motown drums and shifting key signatures.” 
– Uncut Magazine

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