Composer Sarah Llewellyn created a unique, original orchestral score, recorded in Macedonia, working with the F.A.M.E.S. Project and The Macedonian Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, for this award winning short film by Josephine Halbert about a young woman’s romantic adventure on the set of the 1963 notorious epic Cleopatra against the backdrop of the legendary Burton and Taylor love-affair. The music evokes the vintage film soundtracks of Cinecitta Studios’ golden era where Hollywood’s view of Ancient Rome met the contemporary Rome of Fellini.  The film was produced in 2013, the year that Cleopatra celebrated its 50th anniversary.


The album also includes Short Epic, a playful arrangement of some of the main themes from the film. Sarah re-worked and re-imagined the music for her Tonal Ensemble, featuring musicians from the UK and France. Karen Hutt: Percussion, Francesca Simmons: Violin, Celine Biewesh: Euphonium, Louise Marsland: Saxophone and Clarinet, Claire Barbier: Melodica and Sarah Llewellyn: Piano. The soundtrack is out now on iTunes



The film is now available on Amazon Video 

For further information about A Short Epic About Love please see the film’s website

For further information about Sarah’s Llewellyn’s music and company, Tonal, please visit here

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