On the Eve of Piano Day 2017 Bucks Music Group Presents… Jean-Michel Blais live at the PRS KX Cafe [2 Pancras Rd, Kings Cross, N1C 4AG] on Tuesday 28th March from 18:00–20:00.

Jean-Michel Blais
Jean-Michel Blais is a 31 year-old pianist from Montreal, Canada. His enchanting instrumental compositions pair the melodic pop sensibilities of Amélie-era Yann Tiersen and Arts & Crafts alumni Chilly Gonzales with the breathtaking technical skill of classical minimalists like Philip Glass and Erik Satie.


With Support from IN-IS
BDi Music’s award winning Film and TV composer, Sheridan Tongue performing under his artist name, IN-IS with his unique piano only set compromising of melodic pop sensibilities from his debut album Seven Days. Sheridan is also the composer of major TV shows including Wonders of the Universe, Silent Witness and Spooks.

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