Bucks MD Simon Platz has written a blog for Music Business Worldwide on the state of independent publishing — and why he believes major acquisitions aren’t good news for writers. Read the full article here.


Another year passes in the music industry and, as predicted, the pattern of consolidation continues.

We’ve recently seen independents in the record business aggressively consumed by big corporations. But, as Carlin Music and ole are put on the block, we’re reminded that consolidation is no less relentless in the world of publishing.

Nor is the trend of independent publishers being swallowed up any less detrimental to artists than the fall of indie labels.

That’s why I’m personally hoping that, if Carlin Music and ole must go, they go to worthy custodians rather than simply being swallowed by the highest bidder.

Obviously the evaporation of competition in any industry is never regarded as a good thing. It so often leads to an imbalance of power, a slowing in innovation and, perhaps most significantly, a lack of choice for both creators and consumers.

But when it comes to the balance between major and independent entities in the music publishing market, there are more specific things worth considering – and, indeed, worth fighting for.

At Bucks, we’ve always been realistic. The major corporations boast financial clout that independent outfits are neither willing nor often able to match.

For certain songwriters at certain points in their career, it’s simply time to take the giant cheque. Perhaps they want to take a break, buy a house, or have a family.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to bank a big advance. But it does come at a cost.

Remember that major music publishers are invariably part of towering conglomerates with large overheads and scrupulous shareholders to satisfy every year.”… Read More

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