Check out The Upcoming’s brilliant review of Timber Timbre’s Islington Assembly Hall -

Canadian band Timber Timbre performed an impressive concert last night at Islington Assembly Hall. The low-key, ultra cool artists delivered a smokin’ show with their deep, chimerical sound and rich, moody vocals. Contemporary blues, their music is a kind of spacey, filmic, post-punk, spooky electro jazz – their style is eerie at times, discordant, gothic and mesmerising.

Retro seems to be a trend with rock bands these days. Likewise, Timber Timbre borrows from past classic groups like Pink Floyd, The Human League and Cowboy Junkies. Taylor Kirk’s nubilous, sultry vocals remind one of David Bowie and of past greats like Lou Reed.

With heavy use of electro synth – amplifying a mysterious, otherworldly vibe – various guitars, keyboards and trumpet were brilliantly played and manipulated to produce a wild, evocative effect that enchanted an obviously devoted audience.”…Read More


Check out the official video for Hot Dreams which is available now on iTunes via Arts & Crafts


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