Our head of A&R and BDi director Sarah Liversedge caught up with M Magazine to discuss staying on top of the game in the publishing industry — check out the full article here.

“2017 is all about signing new artists for us. In the first quarter alone, we signed Nude Records artist Juanita Stein, Capo Lee and Kai Whiston. We want to be competing with the larger independent more artist driven publishers who we respect, like B-Unique/Spirit, Good Soldier and Songs.For me and my team, it has always been about finding new artists early. We have to compete with the majors, so it means we have to find the talent that much earlier, even more so now with BMG and Kobalt thrusting themselves forwards. BDi Music’s recent signing, The Magic Gang, are a perfect example of me finding talent early. I found them over two years ago, before there was any industry buzz and signed them in March 2016. Subsequently they then signed to Warners in Sept 2016 – they were all over The Great Escape last month and are about to embark on festival season performing at Glastonbury, Latitude and headlining Huw Stephens stage at Reading.

For me, A&R is a long term game. Few publishers expect to get that initial investment back immediately. It’s all down to hard work by the band/artist and by us, the publisher exploiting the music.

We also represent a broad spectrum of producer/songwriters and lyricists, and we have many established artists already on our books. My enjoyment of A&R is wholeheartedly in ‘development’ – I really love nurturing talent and helping them to become a success.

On broader terms, I think the songwriter’s expectations have really changed over the last decade or so. We go way above and beyond what a publisher is probably supposed to do, especially if the artist, songwriter or producer/songwriter hasn’t got a manager, booking agent or label in place – on their request, we step in and provide all the back-up support.  I’m sure it’s the same with most publishers – we’re all having to go way beyond what we’re investing from an A&R perspective.

Everybody’s trying to be everything at the moment. I see lawyers stepping into the A&R role, everyone is picking up the slack. It seems that publishing is a sexy business to be in these days!”... Read More

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