Check out the Gigwise’s frank and candid interview with down to earth up-and-comers The Jacques talking youth, reinvention and standing apart from the scene.

Much is made of The Jacques age. They are, as almost everyone who reports on them notes, a band who started young, and are advertised by the industry forces beyond their control as having an average age of 17. This is an out of date selling point, I soon discover when I meet them backstage, a French town on the border of Switzerland, where they’ve just returned from an hour-long set supporting Placebo.

They take to the stage in the beautiful, but no less intimidating arena with poise and confidence, a set tempered only by a few sound issues at its beginning that sees frontman Fin O’Brien, decked in an urbane pink suit, jittering across the stage with a staccato confidence. Afterwards, however, he’s despondent – the set was not quite as good as he’d hoped. This is part of an overriding sense of professionalism that surrounds the band; they’re young, yes, but they’re experienced too.”…Read More

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