Synchtank recently caught up with our award-winning sync team to chat recent signings/placements and the secret to their success as a truly independent and leading music publisher. Check out the full interview here


Hi guys, can you give us a bit of background on Bucks Music Group

Jonathan: Bucks was set up 50 years ago by David Platz, who is our current MD Simon Platz’s father. He was the first person to sign Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, The Move, Procol Harum, The Rolling Stones, and many other great artists. Simon has really taken that foundation and legacy and continued to build on it over the years.

Incorporated in Bucks Music are companies like Standard Music, Fly Records, which put out the first T. Rex single “Ride a White Swan”, and BDi Music, co-owned and run by Sarah Liversedge. We sub-publish a lot of catalogue as well, and we’ve got publishing JVs with Nude Records, Heavenly Songs, Full Time Hobby, and Floor Sixx.

Congratulations on winning the awards for Best Sync Team at an Indie Publisher and Best Sync in a TV Show at the Music Week Sync Awards 2017! What does your sync team look like and how do you work together? 

Jonathan: We expanded the team last year, bringing in Angus and Tom. Historically the licensing and creative team had been somewhat separated, but we recently created what we call sync hubs. Angus and I concentrate on commercials and film, Tom and Fahima concentrate on TV and games, and we’ve also started focusing more on fashion. The idea is to give our clients one point of contact, which helps us to build relationships. You also get to know the catalogue a lot more, and what you can and can’t pitch for certain uses. We also have a weekly catch up where we go through all our new releases and signings and think, okay, where could that work from a sync perspective?

Angus: It’s such a competitive industry that you can’t pitch songs you don’t know are going to clear. People are going to stop getting in touch with you. It’s also nice for our clients to be able to deal with the same person each time.

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