We have become the first publisher to pay for all its new signings to join the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA). We will be helping our writers join BASCA as a part of an ongoing commitment to empowering young talent.

BASCA is an independent, professional association representing music writers across all genres. It exists to celebrate, support and protect the professional interests of all writers of music.

Simon Platz: ‘Bucks is a firm believer in the good work that BASCA does and the platform it provides to songwriters and composers at all levels, across all genres and disciplines.

This new opportunity will be available to all of our new publishing signings, but will particularly benefit the young, emerging songwriters. Every emerging and established music creator should join BASCA to strengthen our voice, broaden our community and be a part of the diversity of UK music we celebrate. Publishers are increasingly aware of the importance of having a strong, informed and united creator voice.’


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