The new single from One Eyed Wayne — Waste Of A Day — is out now on iTunes. The single is taken from their Album Saucy Postcards Super Creeps, which is out now on iTunes

With Televisionesque guitars and the perfect tired vocal to front a song about torpor. Waste Of The Day is a song we can all associate with and have probably all written in our heads,about finding other things to do when duty to life calls. The simple joy of letting it slip through your fingers.

If One Eyed Wayne’s debut album Attack of the Luxury Flats depicted the wealth chasm of broken Britain with sharp and wry humour, their blistering follow-up, Saucy Postcards Super Creeps, hones their unique viewpoint to make maximum, skewering impact. Echoes of The Clash, The Only Ones and The Libertines abound, in songs written and performed by men who’ve lived, hard and well, and returned to tell their peculiar and riveting tales in songs whose titles alone – “The Body’s Gone”, “Waste Of The Day”, Old Man’s Balloons” – tell their own, colourful stories. Brilliant stuff.”

(Tom Doyle Q contributing editor)

They’ve got something special worth sharing with you.(Louder Than War)

Saucy Postcards Super Creeps’ is a goody bag of brilliance.(Rizer)

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