Playground have premiered the official video for Kefaya’s latest single ‘Charsi’ as well as featuring an exclusive interview — check the article out here. Charsi features on their upcoming album ‘Songs of Our Mothers’ which is set to be released on September 27th and is available to pre-order here.

Your upcoming album, ‘Songs Of Our Mothers’ was largely influenced by ‘Elaha’s own experience of fleeing Afghanistan and the struggle faced by many other female artists’. What was the deciding point to make you want to create this album?

The first Kefaya album was highly eclectic, with almost every track featuring guest artists from multiple different genres. Whilst this functioned well as a kind of ‘manifesto’ for the band’s internationalist political and musical ethos, we felt we wanted to do something much more specific for our second album. After a chance meeting with Elaha, we started playing concerts organised by Afghan diaspora communities around Europe and became fascinated by the different styles of Afghan folk music Elaha was introducing us to. We immediately connected on our political views and a shared desire to use music as a tool for political dialogue and action and felt Elaha had important things to say, both as an outspoken feminist and as a refugee artist. When an engineer friend offered access to a great recording studio we jumped at the opportunity and decided to make this album with Elaha.”Read More

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