A special thanks to Wax Poetics for their article on our brilliant songwriter Graham Dee! Check out the full article here

It’s springtime in the South West of England. The sun has set and there’s a cool English chill in the air. Just yards up the road from the Dorset hamlet of Shitterton lies the serene and picturesque village of Bere Regis. On the main thoroughfare, in the centre of the village, is a grade II listed public house called the Drax Arms, a building—having stood for hundreds of years—that is threatening to shake to the muted thrust of live music audible from within. Through the misted canted bay windows a trio of guitar players can be seen. Out front there’s the chalkboard headliners Melody Men with unsung hero Graham Dee stood to the rear; a flat-cap-and-neckerchief-wearing seventy-something playing a solo on his polished, sunburst-hued Fender-Strat.”… Read More

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