The brilliant Tom Visser has released his brilliant single ‘Health Scare’ which is available here.

‘Health Scare’ is not about COVID 19!” Tom assures us, having written the song long before the virus was a thing, despite its timely pertinence now. “It’s a jumble of memories, like most of my songs. I think I was cycling with my Dad, and in that moment I felt like I was stronger than him, like a generational baton was being passed. I felt, for a brief, fleeting moment, free from the weight of any expectation or past experience, and that I had the opportunity to reassemble those pieces into a different shape”

As the song builds through a gentle piano refrain and Tom’s heart wrenching vocals, he sings of ignoring the problems which come to us all with age. “The health scare I’m doing my best to ignore, is the existential kind; a fear of what’s locked deep in my DNA. And that in that moment, perched precariously atop a bicycle, I somehow had autonomy over my future. It was not a lasting epiphany…”

The song is accompanied by a unique video, containing illustrations from artist, James Moore. They were originally made into a book to go with the song, but this fell apart in the post so Tom created them into a ‘lockdown video’ instead.


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