A&R stands for Artists & Repertoire, which is a division in a publishing company that is responsible for scouting out new talent.  It involves overseeing artists/songwriters careers from developing/established stages and bridges the gap between the artist/songwriter and the publishing company.  A&R people source new music from a variety of sources which include music industry people at record labels, law firms, managers etc.  More and more music is being discovered via the internet, with bands such as the Arctic Monkeys being discovered through various music blogs.  A&R people have the power to offer publishing contracts to artists/songwriters and these are negotiated with music lawyers and managers.

Q1.   How can an A&R person help me get me signed to a record label?
A1. Through their contact network they can help introduce you a manager (if you don’t already have one), music producers and record labels. These steps are all very useful at getting your songs into shape to be heard by Record Company A&R’s. You only get a couple of chances to impress with your music so you’ve got to make sure 100% happy on what you’ve demoed. We also help setup label showcases to help get lot’s of labels to see an act in a short space of time.

Q2.   How can they get my songs placed with already established artists?
A2. Publishing A&R’s have a large network of contacts with managers and Record Company A&R’s and through these relationships they’re able to identify which artists are on the lookout for co-writes or songs.

Q3.   How can they get me co-writing with artists?
A3. Bucks Publishing hold regular songcamps in conjunction with major record labels and various Bucks artists/songwriters/producers are invited to attend in order to write for focus artists. Songs that aren’t placed from theses camps are pitched elsewhere for other label projects where suitable.

Q4.   How do I know which artists are on the lookout for songs / co-writes?
A4. The Bucks Publishing A&R team provide monthly Who’s Looking Lists which include information from Record labels around the world of artists that are on the lookout for songs / co-writes.

Q5.   How can I get my songs pushed globally?
A5. The A&R team constantly update signings/songs to it’s affiliates/A&R’s/Mgmt around the world on a weekly basis in order to look for song placement opportunities.


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