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Adam Coltman


Originally starting out as an aspiring singer-songwriter, Adam quickly moved to the other side of the recording desk as a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, producer, and mixer. Working out of Sticky Studios in Surrey for the last 11 years, Adam cut his teeth as a producer and engineer in the UK grime scene. Over the years he has lent his skills to a wide variety of genres, ultimately gravitating towards singer-songwriters and alt-pop. Under the tutelage of multi-platinum producer-writer Jake Gosling, Adam has developed his craft with an emphasis on speed, and a keen instinct for what a project wants or really needs. He is also no stranger to AAA clients, having been lucky enough to engineer and perform on albums from Ed Sheeran, Shania Twain, Christina Perri and Paloma Faith to name a few. An accomplished guitar, bass and keys player, Adam is very often the one-man band in writing and production sessions. Artists can start a track from scratch with Adam and quickly have excellent results. Conversely, Adam is equally at home with mix and ad-prod work, bringing an artist’s vision to life in any way it needs to be.