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Alex Morris


Writer, Composer, Producer.

Also known as Invader Alex, Alex is disciplined in multiple genres.  He is as comfortable working with bands (Laurel Collection — Domino Records, Courts — Kitsune) as he is with Electronic Music (Robert Owens & Rui Da Silva, Kathy Brown & Soul Clap) and Hip Hop (Mikky Blanco , Kojie Radical).

The mainstay of Alex’s output are innovative and artistically progressive projects. Recently he is a key contributor to the Warp Records project GAIKA. Scoring a 5 Star review in Rolling Stone magazine.

In addition to his skill sets above described above, Alex has also landed syncs and scores with Converse, Universal pictures, Channel 4, and BBC Documentaries to name but a few. Click here to view Alex’s Bespoke profile