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Ben Lee-Delisle


Ben Lee-Delisle has been writing music and songs for all kinds of productions for more than ten years. He has written music for the BBC classic sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous”, and for Channel Four’s hit show “You Are What You Eat”. He has also worked as arranger and producer on BBC One’s flagship children’s show, “Blue Peter”.

Although Ben has worked across all genres he is increasingly becoming known for his work in children’s TV and animation. He wrote the score and theme song for Channel Four’s Christmas Special “Little Wolf’s Book of Badness” (soon to be made into a 52 part series). Two of his songs are currently playing every day on CBeebies (one for getting up and one for going to bed!), and he has recently completed work on “Bear & Butterfly” for “CBeebies-On-Air” and “Nev’s Jam Buster” for BBC2’s Sunday morning kids’ show “Smile”.

Ben has also recently written the theme song and score for “Those Scurvy Rascals”, a surreal animated series for Nickelodeon about three seafaring scallywags who like to steal underwear. Pirates and pants – what more could anyone ask for in a TV show?

For a full list of credits, please visit Ben’s website