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Blair Dreelan


Blair Lee Joey Dreelan is an English/Irish pop Singer,Songwriter.

Dreelan studied at performing arts school “East Berks Langley”. Studying Acting and Singing and Dancing. Dreelan then decided to form a Boygroup! After many years of touring and doing shows with big names such as Lemar, Liberty X, Westlife, peter andre and many more Dreelan decided to enter his group into Xfactor TV Talent contest. Dreelans group “4th Ba5e” made it to the final stages and stayed at Simon Cowells house in spain. Cowell along with colleague Louie Walsh decided to put the group on tour as opening act for Multi Platinum Artists “Westlife” it was here he met Ex Michael manager Dieter Weisner. Weisner and Dreelan worked together and signed the band 4th Ba5e under the new name “M4” to Record label Membran under major label Sony.

During this whole period of time from 4th Ba5e to M4 signing a deal Dreelan had also decided to try his hand songwriting, initially partnering with Jud mahoney who was signed at dreamworks and under baby faces wing. Dreelan learnt the basis of R’N’B song writing Through Jud Mahoney and decided he wanted to write for all genres! Dreelan then met ‘Ray ‘Madman’ Hedges of Mothership productions (take that, boyzone,westlife,bewitched Xfactor finalists, tom jones etc)and began to write with Ray learning the art of Pop records and how to structure a hit record. After just one year of writing with Ray,Dreelan signed a Major Publishing deal with Bucks Music (Jay sean, Rod Stewart ect) just 3 months into his publishing deal Dreelan placed his first Record on Dizzy Rascal’ Shout for England’ not only marked as the Official England world Cup song But also his first Number 1 in the UK. Dreelan has placed records on Aggro Santos and acts in Europe and Asia. In 2009 Dreelan set out to create his own production team,still working with Ray Hedges but wanted his own uk set up, After working with many unknown producers Sparx Discovered and Unknown talent out in the sticks of swindon, a producer by the name of Joe Lawrence,Also Known as ‘Jo 90 or just 90 for short! Dreelan signed 90 to himself and then to bucks publishing! Dreelan and 90 then set up there own production company ‘Tin Man Productions’ and formed as a brother company to Ray Hedges ‘Mothership’.

In 2010 Jud Mahoney introduced Dreelan to Terry Coldwell of 90’s hit boyband East 17.Coldwell and John Hendy also of East 17 had recently been advised to part with Brian Harvey the former lead singer and reform with Tony Mortimer, the original rapper of East 17 and the Hit writer for the boys Previous success. After just one session with Dreelan and 90 the East 17 boys decided that the boys trial run was a triumph and decided to collaborate on the whole album! East 17 decided that they would keep the original East 17 feel to the tracks but in a 2010 style. 3 to four songs into the album the East 17 decided that it was becoming too Rap based and without the Voice and lead vocal that Harvey brought to the table! East 17 asked Dreelan if he would like to feature as a lead vocal on one of the tracks. East 17 loved the vocals on the track so much that they invited Dreelan to replace Harveys front man position and become the new lead vocal in East 17. Dreelan went on with East 17 to tour of 16 citys in Germany, a 15 date O2 Academy tour of the UK, had tv and mag interviews and exposure. In the summer of 2011 under new manager Albert Samuel of ASM and signed to F.O.D records The first single Released with Dreelan as lead singer under the East 17 brand was “Secret of my life” released in germany and charting at 19 in the German billboard charts.

In September 2011 Dreelan Parted ways with East 17 to pursue a solo project