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Bnann is a top line/ hook writer who is as versatile as he is talented. From the hits he wrote with his Wall Of Sound signed band Infadels, to current radio smashes he penned with ALEX METRIC and STEVE ANGELO, Bnann is well on his way to establishing himself as a significant writing force.

Bnann’s journey began when he arrived in London from Norfolk and formed his first band called GREENSHIP.  After immense interest early on, the band went on to sign to Rondor Music Publishing and Camp Fabolous (BMG). Greenship’s brand of Jeff Buckley meets Radiohead indie rock received rave reviews and secured them a place on the line up of Melody Maker tour of England in 1995.

Bnann‘s second incarnation was as lead writer and effervescent front person for INFADELS who toured with the likes of FAITHLESS,CHEMICAL BROTHERSPRODIGY, HARD FI and the SCISSOR SISTERS. Over the course of three albums and constant demand at festivals throughout the world, they built a highly dedicated fan base and much critical acclaim. Highlights for them over their 8 year career were their single CAN’T GET ENOUGH becoming the most played video on MTV Holland, hitting radio 1 playlists with their singles  and reaching A list on radio 1 with their last single “FREE THINGS FOR POOR PEOPLE” and securing the number 1 spot in the indie charts with their last album UNIVERSE IN REVERSE. Their debut album WE ARE NOT THE INFADELS topped the UK dance charts and was hailed as a “lost gem’ by 6music . The third and final album FUTURE OF THE GRAVITY BOY is due for release in March this year.

As Bnann began to write with other people success came quickly. His first collaboration as singer and co writer was with  French band RINOCEROSE. Their hit CUBICLE was co writtten by Bnann and quickly synced by Apple and used in a world wide iPod campaign. The song went on to be a hit single in Japan, topping the dance chart for 14 weeks there and was also a radio hit across Spain and France . Bnann also co wrote and sang on the band’s single HEAD LIKE A VOLCANOwhich was also synced on a Daniel Hechter advert in France. Bnann’s continues to write and perform with the band throughout Europe.

Another early cowriting success includes working with Operator Please and co writing the lead single “Back & Forth” from their sophomore album “Gloves”. Bnann went on to hone his skills as a topliner for dance records by writing hooks for Somesonic Records, a well respected progressive house label. Whilst at Somersonic, Bnann met ALEX METRIC and they began working together, writing the cult indie dance anthem HEADSTRAIGHT together. They have a strong song writing partnership and again found commercial success with Alex Metric’s last single “Open Your Eyes” – another Radio 1 playlist record and the forthcoming Metric release “Heart Weighs A Ton”. Alex and Bnann also collaborate with other artists together and have co-written tracks with Charli XCX for her debut album for Asylum Records/ Atlantic.

Bnann also has a good writing relationship with BEN LANGMAID (one half of LA ROUX) and they wrote CHEMICAL GIRLFRIEND together, which was cut by the band KUBB on  their debut album for MOTHERon Mercury Records. The Sunday Times commented on the track by saying “if you are missing Jeff Buckley this will ease the pain”

Bnann has been busy in writing sessions with both artists and producers. He has been called into sessions for his melodic input with producers such as Joseph Cross (Hurts), Youth (The Verve, Primal Scream),Dimitri Tikavoi  (placebo,nicola roberts) and Timmy B (Richard Ashcroft). Timmy and Bnann have just had a cut on a ballad they co write with Russin pop star Emin.

Bnann is also developing acts with BLESS BEATS with whom he shares a production company. Together, they are working hard on Jin Jin & the Ragdolls, Adenike and very recently the pair have been producing/ writing tracks with The Rascals fresh from their signing to EMI.

Other recent co writes for Bnann include Mikki Ekko, Stefan Storm, Russell Dean Stone, Rob Davis, Chris Brown, The Rural, Matt Gooderson, Steve Angelo, Max Vangeli. He has also recently had a side project called Erratic Man signed to  advertising giants BETC.

He is a uniquely talented top line writer and his ability to work with artists in any genre, means that he is constantly in demand.