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Diamond Daddios


The DIAMOND DADDIOS are Dave ‘Diamond’ Prince (Drums, Screams, and Backing Vocals) and Zac ‘Diamond’ Zdravkovic (Vocals, Guitars and Upright Bass) who bring their collective hands-on knowledge and experience of 1950’s stompin’ rockin’ and boppin’ sounds to create a fresh and electrifying new project designed with one aim in mind.  To keep your feet tappin’ all night long!!

Dave and Zac are well established in the Rock n Roll scene; Dave via The Voo-Dooms, The Rat Pack, The Hi~Fi’s, The Untamed; and Zac via The Intelli-Gents and The Jive Romeros; they figured it was about time to get some crazy beat sounds together to dance the night away to!

Check our their debut rockin’ 4 Track EP, scheduled for release in August on Trater Records.

Pre-order exclusive signed copies of their debut vinyl EP by clicking the Facebook page logo in the band name bar above or the EP cover below. It’s a limited edition of 500 so go cat go!

(Zac is pictured on the left, Dave on the right)