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Emi Green


After years of honing and recreating her sound abroad on land and boat (seriously!) the British born, Aussie songstress eventually brought her music home in 2011, signing a publishing deal with Alberts soon after.

She didn’t breathe for long. Jetting off just weeks after putting pen to paper, Emi has made like like a modern day wandering minstrel ever since, travelling the world thrice over and making music full time from Berlin to London to New York to Hamburg and back again. Working with renowned publishers and artists in every genre from pop to rock, folk, hip hop and dance, Emi has fast become a sought after top liner and lyricist worldwide, building a healthy resume of cuts as she goes.

Now, making her home in London town for the time being, Emi is mid way through writing her debut album “Letters”.
A collection of exchanges from both real and imagined characters, “Letters” will be a fitting tribute to Green’s ever moving, solitary life.

Drawing on influences from the great storytellers of music (Simone, Dylan, Chapman, King, etc) Emi is far more interested in being understood than being graceful. With a voice sometimes as intimate and raw as the lyrics she writes, and then all at once guttural and soaring, Emi likes to keep you, the listener, on your proverbial toes. Marrying soul, folk, classical and world music with her inclination for a catchy pop melody, her music is delivered with an epic ambience fit for any movie screen.