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Erland And The Carnival


When unassuming young Orkney music-maker Erland Cooper picked up his guitar and travelled the length of the country to play a show in London’s Notting Hill, little did he know that a chance encounter with musical veteran Simon Tong (The Verve, The Good The Bad & The Queen, and Gorillaz) would be the start of a unique songwriting friendship. Together they formed Erland & The Carnival and now, nearly a decade later, arrives Closing Time — the band’s third, most accomplished album yet.
“Closing Time doesn’t mark the beginning of the end; rather it marks an end to permit a new beginning,” explains Erland. “When Summer dies it’s to let winter in, then spring opens it up again; it has to happen. It’s enjoyable when you accept that you have a limited time to make things happen to the best of your ability.”

Quiet Love the first single features long term Erland & The Carnival champion Paul Weller on backing vocals and additional guitar.

It has a slight George Harrison feel and this song swayed us with the decision to add strings to the album,” reveals Simon. “John Grant was a big influence on this track too. It’s an unashamed twisted selfish love song.” Erland says of the track’s creation. “After working on it with Paul, the song took a further lease of life. As far as the lyric goes, I think we all like to be alone but not for too long, we kop out and crave company.”

Recorded in Damon Albarn’s Studio13 with previous Erland & The Carnival engineer Steve Sedgewick and mixed by London Grammar producer Tim Bran, Quiet Love hints at a more laid-back, restrained and simplistic approach on the band’s new album. Erland took a more ‘hands on’ approach to production, his impassioned vocals and Simon’s guitar and string arrangements take centre stage. It’s an understated, inward looking song. A natural progression from those modern folk adaptations of traditional songs, children’s poems, and ancient literature of the band’s earlier records.