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Erland Cooper


Erland Cooper is an Orcadian singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and award winning composer and writer/producer. He is signed exclusively to Full Time Hobby records and Bucks Music Group publishing.

Erland is also no stranger to performance.  He was the front man of the much-loved cult British indie/ folk rock band Erland & The Carnival. In February 2010 they released their critically acclaimed, eponymous debut album and the band’s sophomore album Nightingale was released in March 2011 to further acclaim.

He is also founding member of the expansive band project The Magnetic North alongside Hannah Peel and Simon Tong.  Currently 2 albums in with a 3rd on the way, each record was inspired, written and recorded in the home towns of each band member.  The 1st album ‘Orkney: Symphony of the Magnetic North was released in May 2012 to widespread critical praise throughout Europe.  The second album, 2016’s, ‘Prospects Of Skermersdale (Simon Tongs home town) followed suit in terms of celebration and a third album will be available in 2017.

Erland has scored and produced music for TV & Film. His Marie Curie Daffodil advertisement won two British arrow awards and he also won a 2013 RTS award for the theme music to the hit C4 show Dates. He also scored the Motion Picture Rufus which received two Canadian screen award nominations for best song.

When it comes to co-writing,  Erland loves to find and develop interesting new talent to help them realise their sound, songs and vision.