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Fixate is the latest name to make his mark in the 85 /170bpm axis. His productions have come to prominence via two collaborations with Chimpo  titled ‘Dumb’ and ‘Bun It’ released on Exit Records.

Around the time of this release  conversations began with Exit about a solo EP of his own, the results of which now make up the Throwback Therapy EP. The title track for the EP has become as an anthem due to its amalgam of rave, juke & jungle whilst the rest of the EP takes a form all of its own. His style is best described by Exit Records figurehead dBridge: “We all know the standardised drum & bass steps but Fixate’s work can have a different swing to it that I really like. It highlights my belief that this tempo still has a lot to offer”

Fixate is at the beginning of his journey as an artist and he has certainly started this journey on the right foot, support has come from a diverse range of DJs- from Andy C to Youngsta and this has spurred the Oxford based producer to push the envelope further with each track he makes, all in all a very strong foundation has been laid for 2015.