Jacqueline Kroft

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Jacqueline Kroft


Working with an abundance of sounds and styles in her adventurous and curious manner, Jacqueline Kroft‘s unique approach to lyrical soundscaping provides unusual, eclectic compositions for her audiences to embrace.

With a classical piano background at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music from the age of 10, Jacqueline grew up exploring jazz, soul, and pop, appreciating the welcome company of great musicians. Born in Liverpool and growing up in Canada gave her the springboard to dive into her European tours and songwriting.
The New Album — Living with a Ghost
After the shock, destabilisation and untethered despair of bereavement, comes the transformative realisation that death is not an end, but a new beginning.
Living with a Ghost, Jacqueline Kroft’s new album, is a poignant and reflective journey into this mysterious new realm.
Come Back, the second single from Living With a Ghost is out on all major digital platforms on Wednesday 14th February 2018.
The melody and lyrics for Come Back came to Jacqueline quickly after she encountered a breeze that seemed to come from nowhere. She was getting used to events like lights flickering, and almost mystical moments that made her feel she had the company of a ghost. Come Back is trying to convey that when you lose your greatest love, unusual things can happen, and these events can be special and comforting rather than frightening.