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Jason Sweetman


J‑Sweet, the respected and accomplished DJ, producer and re-mixer has been integral in the Grime scene since its creation. Uptown records in Soho was where the ideas first became beats and teaming up with other producers such as Noodles (Groove Chronicles) and Huckleberry Finn really propelled him into becoming one of the biggest names in UK Garage and Grime. It was ‘Still Dancin’, an early collaboration with Huckleberry Finn, which set the pace and was soon picked up by the ‘Relentless’ label and featured on ‘Kristine Blondes’ Love Shy remixes.

Increasing his solo production lead to remixes for major record labels; such artists like Lighthouse Family, Kim English, Smokin beats and Chris Brown. The launch of ‘Sweetbeatz’, J‑Sweets very own label. ‘Hi-Grade’, an early collaboration with 1xtra’s ‘DJ Cameo’ quickly became a massive underground club banger and was later featured on the MOBO 2002 compilation.

Setting up ‘Mixing Records’ in the heart of South London gave J‑Sweet an entire new string to his bow. Being able to nurture and progress new artists, the shop and studio quickly became the home of Grime. Work flowed in and working with artists such as Usher, Craig David, kele Le roc, Ms Dynamite & NASTY Crew, Wiley, JME, Roadside Gs and Lethal B became an everyday occurrence.

2010 saw J‑Sweet release ‘Bass Abuse’ on DJ N‑Types ‘Wheel & Deal Records’. This release was a huge hit in the Grime scene but it also found support from the Dubstep scene too. Due to the success the pair teamed up later in the year to remix Wileys ‘Never be a Woman’ for EMI.

2011 has seen J‑Sweet launch a full frontal attack on the Grime scene by taking it in his palms and propelling the sound to the forefront of the industry and making people pay attention. Already having a success, J‑Sweet is set to release more original tracks in the way of ‘Okay’, ‘Clash’ and the sure to be HUGE CLUB BANGER ‘Cant Stop Grime’. Also the monster ‘Streethawk’ will be released specally on J‑Sweets own ‘Marxmen Dubs’ label (not to be missed).