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Misha B


Not just a great soul artist or even a great R&B artist, the British-born, Manchester-bred Misha B encompasses several genres, while displaying vocals reminiscent of Motown-era greats. Armed with the vocals to blow people away, Misha has the vision to make history.

Misha spent her teenage years showcasing her diva-infused voice at open-mic nights and busking on the street. While it was a tough crowd, she had the freedom to explore her sound and a chance to teach herself how to adapt to diverse audiences.

I never had a band. It was me, my CDs or sometimes just my voice, my heels, the audience and a huge stage to fill. I loved that!”

Mix a bit of Jennifer Hudson with Nicki Minaj, add in the charisma and stage performance of Tina Turner and you will start to get an idea of what kind of package Misha brings to the table.

Since leaving her X-Factor journey behind her, Misha B has signed to Sony / Relentless and is in the studio, working hard and ready to show the world what she can do. Having achieved so much in a short time, she is quick to emphasise: “Life is what YOU make of it”.