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Trafik are Andrew Archer and John Elliott. Andrew found fame as one part of the Forth achieving huge notoriety re-mixing the top 40 hit BT — ‘Loving You More’. Andrew, with the aid of DJ partner Scott Dawson then developed the Forth as an all conquering DJ outfit that would see them travel to the four corners of the globe. One memorable moment was Andrew’s DJ show on the Great Wall of China, which was the first live performance there by a western DJ in China; contrary to a claim made by a certain Mr Oakenfold. Then came the release of the Forth’s debut EP ‘Reality Detached’, described by DJ Hyper as his favourite track of all time. Also featuring on this EP was a destructive club track ‘Solavox’ which featured vocals from a certain John Elliott.

None But The Brave” is the latest Trafik album and will be released on Global Underground.

It sees a return to the more eclectic feel of their first album Bullet back in 2004, and according to the boys themselves it is “easily our best work yet.” With the return of Rachel Lamb’s enchanting guest vocals, there are a number of new vocalists to the fold: Tricia Lee Kelshall, best known for her classic work on Way out West’s “Mindcircus”, and hotly tipped newcomers Jess Roberts and Eliza Lawson.