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Voo-Dooms, The


Band Members: Dave Prince — Voodoo Rhythms and screams, Bruce Brand — Haunting Bass Guitar, Kevin Smith — Devilish Lead Guitar and Mick Cocksedge — Vocals and Zombie Rhythm Geetar

Debuting at LEWES CON CLUB on Sunday the 27th May 2018, THE VOO-DOOMS take the word innovation and reverse it! Robustly old-fashioned, but never vintage.


Their debut album ‘DESTINATION DOOMSVILLE’ was released in August 2018 on Trash Wax Records on a limited edition SPLATTER vinyl.

The exclusive signed copies of the BLACK vinyl edition is available by sending the band a private message through their Facebook page






Dave’s rare Trixon Speedfire kit was featured in Rhythm Magazine June edition 2018… and in the new Artic Monkeys video!!!