Standard Music Library is dedicated to the creation of great, quality production music. Employing composers and musicians from both the media and commercial recording worlds, this comprehensive resource of production music can be used for:

  • Films
  • TV Productions
  • TV/Radio Commercials
  • Websites
  • Corporate Videos
  • Corporate Promotional CDs
  • CD-ROM/DVD Productions
  • Educational Projects

Each pre-composed collection is targeted at the needs of the high end of the market and offers a great variety of diverse, unusual, nostalgic and contemporary music. The Standard catalogue includes albums by Brian Eno, BBC pioneer Delia Derbyshire and many more.

Our music has featured in many award-winning TV Series, Documentaries, Film Productions and Advertising campaigns.


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For further information on Standard Music Library, or to discuss the specific musical requirements of a particular project or production, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].