Welcome to the works (songs/ music) section of the website.

In this area of the website you are able to search and browse music for our well known music and songs by title, genre, period, composers and artist. Searching is available at 2 levels: Quick Search just below the menu on the right or selecting the Advanced Search from the right hand side menu. Browsing for music is also available via the menu on the right.

Also we have identified copyrights where we have a controlling interest in both Master and Publishing rights, which we’ve tagged our one stop service.

To listen to music on this site you will need to register. At the moment there are a limited number of songs; we’ll be adding to the song database in the future. You can check out releases from our record labels and new material from our writers, via our Jukebox without registering.

Developing this area of the website is an ongoing project; ultimately we would like to provide full song histories with information about syncs, chart positions and other uses and allow registered users to access different versions of music.

So if the information here is incomplete and you have further queries please email us

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