Bert Jansch

Genre: Singer/Songwriter


Bert Jansch wrote from the deepest channels of his heart. Tunes and lyrics defiantly tumbled from him wherever he was; they were as important to him as life itself. Indifferent to fame Bert responded modestly to the extraordinary acclaim that came his way; his enduring commitment was always to what he might be writing right now or what he hoped to be writing next.

Lyrics that are intensely personal but truthful always find resonance in the feelings and emotion of others. Bert’s simple words and phrases combine in a form of compressed poetry that never wastes time or space. Such is the continuing stampede of famous admirers of his dazzling and innovative guitar playing that his beautiful melodies are infrequently emphasised. But it is those beautiful tunes that are the iron strong threads that run throughout his work. If you are someone who comes to admire Bert’s work you will become a member of a still growing group of elite and thoughtful musicians.

Founder members include Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler, Pete Doherty, Neil Young; all have happily cited their debt and admiration for Bert Jansch.