Juanita Stein

Genre: Alternative
Contact: Jonathan Tester




She’s toured the globe with her band Howling Bells, now Juanita Stein returns with her first solo collection of songs and signed to Nude Records.
Her debut album is entitled ‘America’ and is set for release on July 28th.

However, this isn’t the America of goofy teen movies, Twinkies and Trump, no Mam. It’s that shattered dreamland Hunter S. Thompson went looking for… It’s somewhere beyond the pines, at a crossroads where Badlands met Paris, Texas. A dustball in a once great land, reimagined whilst daydreaming about the plains filtered through the dirt on the tour bus window during laps of the US of A with The Killers and Coldplay.

These are songs from a dark-hearted country, where the lights of Nashville twinkle in the distance as the siren song leads you into the eternal night…


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Online Show - Brighton Electric

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