Genre: Alternative
Contact: Flash Taylor, Sarah Liversedge Platz




TTRRUUCES is the alternative psych pop project masterminded by Jules Apollinaire and Natalie Findlay. After meeting in an east London coffee shop, the pair began making music and collaborated on multiple projects together before finally deciding to form their own band in 2019. Their love of 60s and 70s rock n roll, modern pop and everything in between combined into a genre bending melting pot of conceptual eccentricity. Their debut self-titled album TTRRUUCES, written, recorded and produced by the band themselves and released in summer 2020 is an 11 song narrative rock opera following two characters Sadie and Syd, embarking on a journey of self discovery and the search for a mythical drug, the album was released alongside 11 music videos which formed a short film following the album’s story.

Since the release of album one, TTRRUUCES buried themselves back into the studio, meticulously working on new sounds and a different approach to writing their next album. Exploring themes of love and nostalgia, existential political dread, self-destruction and cancel culture. 2023 is the year TTRRUUCES take their wild show on the road with bandmates and fellow collaborators Violeta Vicci on violin, Ben Simon on bass and Connor Burnside on drums. A slew of singles and new full-length album is on the way as well as a busy festival season and tour dates. Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s coming next.


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