Genres: Dance, Electronic, Drum & Bass
Contact: Rhiannon Bramley




With a career spanning over three decades, DJ Krust stands as an influential figure in the world of electronic music. From his early days shaping the Bristol sound to his continuous sonic explorations, Krust has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the electronic music landscape.

Key Accomplishments:

Founding Figure: A key player in the development of the Bristol sound, Krust played an integral role in the birth of drum and bass, co-founding the iconic Full Cycle Records alongside Roni Size and others. He was also a founder member of Represent, the Mercury award-winning jungle drum and bass band.
Milestone Releases: Krust's discography includes groundbreaking releases like "Warhead," a timeless anthem that has left an indelible mark on the drum and bass genre.
Innovative Approach: Known for his innovative approach to production, Krust has consistently embraced new sonic territories, merging genres and defying expectations.

Notable Works:

"Warhead" (1997): A seminal track that catapulted Krust into the limelight, "Warhead" remains an iconic piece of drum and bass history.
"Coded Language" (2001): Krust's debut album, an ambitious project that showcased his versatility and willingness to experiment beyond the boundaries of drum and bass.
"Irrational Numbers" Series: A meticulously curated collection of Krust's discography, reimagined and remastered, highlighting the evolution of his sound.
"The Edge of Everything" (2022): Krust's latest LP, a sonic journey that explores new dimensions and continues to shape the landscape of electronic music.
"Cloud Lord" Collaboration: A creative collaboration with Need For Mirrors, "Cloud Lord" showcases Krust's ability to transcend genres and experiment with new sonic landscapes.

Current Projects:

Design Consultancy: Beyond the music realm, Krust has ventured into design consultancy, bringing his creative vision to diverse projects.
Educational Workshops: Committed to nurturing new talent, Krust engages in educational workshops, passing on his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of artists.
Wonder Palace Compilation: Putting the finishing touches on his new compilation for his creative imprint Wonder Palace, showcasing a diverse range of forward-thinking electronic music.
Upcoming Album (2025): In the process of writing music for his new album due for release in 2025, Krust continues to innovate and shape the future of electronic music.

Vision and Impact: DJ Krust's artistic vision extends beyond the confines of music, reaching into realms of design and education. His impact on the electronic music landscape is immeasurable, leaving an indelible mark on the past, present, and future of the genre.


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