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In Memory of Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman took his last breath on Friday the 10th September 2021, four days shy from celebrating his 55th anniversa...


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Channel 4's 'Help' Set To Air With Music By Jim Williams

The brand new drama 'Help' is set to air tonight (September 16th) at 9pm on Channel 4. The drama, which stars Jodie Comer and Step...


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SOFY's 'Strawberry Milkshake' Record of the Day

Record of the Day have...


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New Releases: August 2021

Check out this months new releases and listen to our playlist on 


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DIY Magazine: Zand Shares New Track Religion

The amazing new single from Zand - Religion - was released today. DIY Magazine caught up with Zand in the studio as they record the single...


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Bucks Sync Q&A: Natty Reeves

This week's Bucks Sync Back on the Road Q&A focused on the amazing Natty Reeves. Our sync team spoke to Natty and asked a few...


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Nuuxs Announces 'Heirloom' Album Launch

Nuuxs has announced she will be performing a live show of her debut album Heirloom at Shoreditch's Cargo on September 8th. She will be...


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Music Radar: 15 questions for... BON

Music Radar caught up with BON (Alex Morris and Yerosha Win...


LATEST Releases


LATEST Releases